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Dec 26, 2017

On today’s episode, Kevin is joined by former Navy Seal Specialist Dr. Kirk Parsley. Dr. Kirk shares his interesting story on how many people in and out of the military share similar sleep patterns – particularly people who are serial entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and shift workers. He explains how he started his journey into functional health and medicine as well as why his medical practice currently focuses mostly in helping people achieve optimal sleep hygiene and sleep quality.

Dr. Kirk shares a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the traditional medical field, functional medicine, as well as his time working in the Navy Seals. Today, he shares some of his advice, suggestions, and tips on how improving your sleep, sleep quality, and sleep hygiene can help you improve your overall health and wellness, allow your body to repair after a strenuous workout, and fight off many diseases.


“Overtraining and under recovering are two sides of the same coin.” Dr. Kirk Parsley


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Kirk’s journey from Navy Seals training to traditional medical school, functional health and sleep optimization.
  • How sleep affects the adrenal and hormonal functions within your body.
  • Why he believes robbing yourself of sleep or using sleep aids is interfering with the most anabolic period of your life.
  • Sleep deprivation increases your risk of virtually every disease.
  • How Dr. Kirk helps CEO’s and entrepreneurs develop a better sleep routine.
  • Kirk explains that sleep hygiene is about two things: the production of melatonin to decrease the sympathetic tones of adrenal hormones, and decreasing interaction within your environment.
  • How brain stimulating activities affect your sleep quality.


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The Takeaway:

“Sleep deprivation increases your risk of every disease you can imagine.” – Dr. Kirk Parsley


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