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Jun 29, 2017

Part 4 Episode - with Morley Robbins on Excess Iron.

Morley Robbins Video on Iron, Magnesium etc.

Morley mentions that there is a much more in-depth video explanation, which is his "Theory of Everything", or "How To Fix Mitochondria By Re-Balancing Magnesium & Calcium, and Copper & Iron."

Even though roughly over 80+% of the population is Mg deficient, we still recommend testing first.
*Mg RBC (optimal is 6.0-7.0)
*Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
*How to Restore Mg:

Magnesium Needs Cofactors.
*B6 helps get Mg INSIDE the cell (We recommend Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT as it contains B6. You can also use local bee pollen as a source of B6.)
*Boron helps keep Mg INSIDE the cell (Relyte or Anderson's Concentrated Minerals contain much needed trace minerals such as boron)
*Bicarbonate helps get Mg INSIDE the Mitochondria (check files to learn how to make Mg water)

And, the Adrenal Cocktail helps keep Mg in balance with other electrolytes.

The Magnesium Protocol is an integral part of the Steps to Increase Ceruloplasmin protocol. That protocol brings toxic iron under control so Magnesium works better and it also increases the important bound Copper.

The Steps to Increase Ceruloplasmin protocol is in an article in Files as well as in graphic form in Photos > Albums > Iron and Ceruloplasmin folder.

Here is a link to the Magnesium Protocol's Quick Reference Guide:

Where Mg is found in your body:
o 60% in the bones
o 39% in soft tissue (heart, brain, liver, kidney, glands, & muscles with highest concentration in the ventricles of the heart)
o 1% in the blood It comes out of "storage" in tissue & components of blood 1st, bones 2nd & last from Serum which is why Mg Serum tests are worthless and why the Magnesium RBC blood test is recommended...

MAG rules and policies are located here, please familiarize yourself with them.…

Morley M. Robbins aka. "Magnesium Man"
Magnesium Deficiency 101

Connect with Morley:

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