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Welcome to the Intersection of Health, Wellness & Circadian Optimization

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Apr 16, 2018

On today’s episode, Kevin is joined by inveterate biohacker and founder of MitoLife Matt Blackburn. Matt shares his interesting story on how he started his journey into optimal health and wellness on a very different path as a vegetarian and then discovered he was way off track.  Before founding MitoLife, Matt began to study the critical role that DHA and Circadian alignment played on health and especially on Mitochondrial Health.

Matt and Kevin discuss the critical role that sunlight, especially in the morning and DHA play in health and wellness. Today, he shares some of his advice, suggestions, and tips to help you improve your overall health and wellness, allow your body to repair after a strenuous workout, and fight off many diseases.

“DHA, especially from Algae sources is far superior to supplementing with Fish Oil.” Matt Blackburn

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Matt’s daily routine for optimal health and wellness.
  • Harmful effects of artificial light (blue light) from technology and why is should be avoided at night.
  • Why DHA is superior to fish oil for optimal Mitochondrial health.
  • Why sunlight, especially in the morning anchors your Circadian cycle daily and should be part of any health regimen
  • Why circadian alignment is more important than diet and exercise and should be your first focus


Connect with Matt Blackburn:


The Takeaway:

“Using DHA from Algae and optimizing your circadian based cycles will supercharge your Mitochondria and Health.” – Matt Blackburn

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