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Nov 24, 2017

Maria is a health and wellness expert and author of several books. She was always active in sports, even when she was a kid, but was still always on the heavy side. She thought it must’ve just been how her body’s was meant to be. It wasn’t until she studied science and nutrition that she began questioning the “standard” diet that promotes dietary grains and milk. She has since leaned towards a low-carb diet and now a ketogenic diet from which her books were now based on.

Today Maria talks about how the ketogenic diet changed her life, her tips for people who want to start with a ketogenic diet, her thoughts on the vilification of fat, and how ice cold water can help boost mitochondrial health.


" People underestimate the power of just being outside.” Maria Emmerich


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • In a ketogenic diet, always count total carb and not net.
  • She calls the ketogenic diet the happy diet due to how it improves the overall mood of the person.
  • Sugar is inflammatory and complex carbs, what many call “healthy carbs”, become sugar in your blood stream. To lower inflammation, lower sugar intake even those from complex carbs.
  • You can't store protein in your body. Too much will turn into sugar too especially if you're not active.
  • Ketogenic diet will have you losing water weight and electrolytes. When you’re depressed or moody, sometimes you just have low electrolytes. One quick way to remedy that is to drink water with salt but don’t make it too salty.
  • Maria says a when it comes to macros for losing weight, your diet should be around 5% carbs, 20% protein, and 75% fat – healthy saturated fats. This will trigger ketosis.
  • The best cure for adrenal fatigue is 10 hours of sleep.
  • The ketogenic diet will keep your blood sugar levels stable. No spiking, no crashing. No crashing means no sudden hunger. Ketones will get you a natural high which is like sugar but won't crash you.
  • Mitochondria are mostly made up of water cells which you can negatively and positively charge. She advocates “EZ” water therapy which involves drinking ice cold water first thing in the morning.


Key Takeaways:

  • People would be healthier if their practitioners just asked them what they were eating.
  • Pick new goals all the time, don't do everything overnight.


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