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May 9, 2018

Our guest today is serial entrepreneur and passionate health advocate, Alex Charfen. Alex shares his story about living a vegan lifestyle, why he initially decided to become a vegan, and how Kevin transformed his way of thinking about health and nutrition and really give the paleo diet a chance. Alex explains that, although the vegan diet did help him get healthier, it wasn’t a sustainable approach to his nutrition needs. Since transitioning to the paleo diet, he hasn’t looked back, has never felt better, and has significantly better health than years before. In addition to making this dietary transition, Alex also shares many other lifestyle changes he has made over the years to improve his health, increase his energy, and get better sleep. “Anyone who transitions from what they would normally eat to unprocessed, whole foods will see a massive improvement.” Alex Charfen In This Episode You Will Learn: Why Alex Charfen believes the vegan diet gave him a “false sense of momentum.” His journey from veganism to the paleo diet. His morning routine and why he hyper-rehydrates first thing every morning. Why water quality is so important and what steps he took to improve the water quality in his business and home. The chemical fluoride in water contains other harmful ingredients. Why Alex believes water Is a gateway to success. Why he takes “primal walks” at sunrise every morning. Mentioned in This Episode: Berkey Water Filtration System Rate, Review, Connect, Inspire Stay updated on new episodes, guest interviews, and health, wellness, and fitness information and resources by subscribing to the HealthCastNow Podcast Show on iTunes. Every day we bring you actionable insight, demystified truth, and simple steps to help you navigate the complex, often confusing health, wellness, and fitness information and answer the questions you’ve been asking. Visit HealthCastNow.Com or subscribe on iTunes today! Free health, wellness and fitness tips, tricks and wellness advice from Tune in to the latest health, wellness and fitness topics where we interview thought leaders and world class experts in exercise, health, medicine and wellness with a focus on demystifying and deconstructing overly complex topics in order to provide actionable health & fitness information that you can apply to your everyday lifestyle to move yourself closer to optimal health & wellness. Go to for incredibly valuable show notes, links and resources for every episode in our archives. This podcast includes episodes covering longevity, diet, weight loss, healthy living, wellness, workout, exercise, muscle gain, fat loss, weight lifting, bodybuilding, Paleo, Primal, Crossfit, vegan, vegetarian, biohacking and circadian based health advice