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Oct 27, 2017

In the health and wellness world, you either know Robb Wolf or you don’t, and that’s largely due to his books on the Paleo lifestyle. His books have helped a lot of people, but he didn’t realize just how much until he got a call from a clinic in Reno. The clinic invited him over to have a look at a study they conducted which largely made use of his books as reference material.

As it turned out, the clinic was just wrapping up a 2-year pilot study that included volunteers with a high risk for Type 2 Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. The results showed that a paleo diet, together with proper modification of sleep and exercise, was able to improve the volunteers’ bloodwork and health risk assessment. On a long term perspective, it means this pilot study alone saved the city of Reno $22 million over a 10-yer period with a conservative 33:1 return on investment. He would end up becoming part of the clinic’s board of directors to help develop programs and bring it out to the masses.

Today, Robb share his thoughts about the Paleo and ketogenic diets, why he thinks the food manufacturers understand people more than medical establishments, and why having a healthy relationship with food is just one big cover up for something deeper and psychological.


""At the end of the day, these diseases, modern Western society mainly are an outgrowth of excessive food consumption.” Robb Wolf


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The food manufacturers understand our evolutionary psychology way better than the medical establishment does. They produce food in such a way that people can’t help but eat them even if they know it’s not healthy. It’s similar to how smart phone app makers study evolutionary psychology to make apps addictive.
  • People have massively different responses to food. What's worked for you today may not work for you tomorrow.
  • You can't cheat on food. You can cheat on taxes, you can cheat in a relationship, but food, there are consequences.
  • Sometimes food or the act of eating is not the problem, but an underlying issue that made people saw eating food as an escape.
  • The only thing considered disordered eating now is healthy eating.


Key Takeaways:

  • You can't let health guidelines get etched in stone and become religious doctrine.


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