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Sep 26, 2017

Darren Casey is a transformation coach from the UK. His clientele is what you would call Type AAA entrepreneurs or people who, in his own words, “earn seven figures a year to seven figures a month.” He developed The Rapid Method which is a 12-week health and fitness commitment for his clients and produced amazing results.

With over 20,000 coaching calls of success, he understands the power of having the right kind of mindset to overcome the challenges of hustle-driven people. To him, the enemy of longevity and wellness is the hustle.

In today’s episode, Darren speaks about his line of work, what the “hustle” does to your body and state of mind, and how a healthy and fit lifestyle is all in the details.


“Treat your body as good as you treat your business.” Darren Casey


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Darren’s career, the people he’s coached as well as their nature and issues.
  • Heavy duty hustle culture breaks people especially on social media. These people hustle themselves to the hospital, killing them both physically and mentally.
  • The dangers of being addicted to the hustle especially when it comes to your work-life balance.
  • When it comes fitness, the instant gratification culture is forcing people to commit to unrealistic goals.
  • Covering the basics of sleep, inflammation, and hormones are mandatory when achieving a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Small changes like better sleep or mental clarity are still considered an achievement and deserve to be celebrated just as much as losing weight or body fat.
  • Micro managing such as blood tests and supplementation aren't necessary until the basic lifestyle changes are done.
  • The quality of your sleep, the toxins you have to avoid or reduce, and food quality are critical details when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Being honest with your current self and imagining what’s going to happen to you if you don’t fix anything helped Darren’s clients get motivated into his program.
  • Darren says the risks of not doing about it involve not just health implications but also involve matters likes missed experiences, vacations, events, and even relationships.
  • It is mandatory to get a ton of support whether from professionals like Darren or simply the community around you.


Key Takeaways:

  • Food quality matters. A 2000 calorie McDonald's diet compared to a 2000 calorie diet high quality food. You're going to be worlds apart five or ten years from now.
  • People will totally overestimate what you can accomplish in 12 weeks and dramatically underestimate, with the right program, what you can accomplish in 12 months.
  • You're not going get a wakeup call saying "you’re going the wrong way!"


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