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Jun 26, 2017

David Zappasodi is the author of the best seller Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind. David has over 20 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry. He has spent a lot of his career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He owned his own fitness center for 9 years and has also been a martial arts teacher. Now David specializes in working with people in the “being stuck” state with Health and Weight loss.

In this episode David Zappasodi, joins us to discuss the importance of mindset and setting goals to optimize Health and Wellness as he dives into his 6 essential practices for healthy living.


 In This Episode You Will Learn:


  • Why people struggle with nutrition and exercise.
  • Mindset is important when setting specific goals
  • Setup  strategies and habits that will re-enforce emotions while working on goals
  • Mindset and emotions affect discipline   
  • The 6 essential practices help focus on what is important for health and weight loss  
  • Taking some “time off” can help return in a better and stronger state of mind
  • Avoiding blue light at night will help you get better sleep
  • Good mindset and meditation bring better results
  • They way to transform is to focus on positive thoughts instead of the past


 Key Takeaway:

  • Setup strategies and habits that will re-enforce emotions while working on goals
  • The six essentials to focus on in terms of health and weight loss are Generosity, Integrity, Patience, Inspired Action, Mindfulness and Commitment
  • Mindset and staying on track is important.  


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