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Dec 28, 2017

Dr. Sachin Patel is a functional medicine expert, practitioner, and coach for patients and practitioners wanting to improve their health or the health of their patients. His journey started as a traditionally trained chiropractor, graduated specializing in sports injuries and soft tissue therapy when his interest and passion shifted to helping people achieve their health goals through functional medicine techniques. Dr. Sachin has worked with countless top-performing professional athletes, Olympians, and patients and strongly believes that the reason that some patients feel they are not receiving appropriate health from the medical practitioners is because “the approach is completely backwards.” Today, he explains why getting to the root of the cause of an illness or disease by incorporating proven, functional medicine techniques can significantly impact a person’s overall health and wellness. He provides simple, valuable tips and strategies that anyone can incorporate into their day-to-day routine and experience significant results. “When it comes to our health, it’s simple things we do consistently that can set off the chain reaction of nature.” – Dr. Sachin Patel In This Episode You Will Learn: How functional medicine and traditional medicine differ. Why Dr. Sachin believes that functional medicine is the future of medicine. Autonomic tone and how it affects the healing process. How cortisol and insulin are closely related Why nutrition, meal scheduling, and the mental state we are in during a meal are so important to how we digest food. The only thing proven to change our microbiome long term isn’t probiotics. It’s our diet. Trying to be perfect creates a recipe for failure. How to find a functional medicine practitioner What bio-hacks is Dr. Sachin currently focusing on the most? Essential Core Values for Optimal Health: Sleep and circadian rhythm alignment Movement and activity Hydration Morning gratitude Focus on autonomic tone Mentioned in This Episode: Muse Headband HeartMath Functional Medicine website Connect with Dr. Sachin Patel: 30-and-30 program Become Proof website – for patients Functional Medicine Consultant website – for practitioners Rate, Review, Connect, Inspire Stay updated on new episodes, guest interviews, and health, wellness, and fitness information and resources by subscribing to the HealthCastNow Podcast Show oniTunes. Every day we bring you actionable insight, demystified truth, and simple steps to help you navigate the complex, often confusing health, wellness, and fitness information and answer the questions you’ve been asking. Visit HealthCastNow.Com or subscribe on iTunes today!