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Jan 3, 2018

Ricky Sharpe is an experienced biohacker from the United Kingdom (UK) who focuses on Quantum Biology and Health via pro Circadian lifestyle choices and inputs.

During the interview Ricky shares the story of where is passion for health and wellness began. In November 2007 his father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. After being told he would live for longer than 12 months if the family took the option of treatment, he tragically passed away a mere 10 weeks later on Valentine’s Day in 2008.

His aim from that day forward was to become the expert and protect my loved ones from falling victim to well-intentioned healthcare practitioners and a broken system.

To quote his website.  

“The level of my understanding now reaches into the realms of Quantum Physics and beyond, and so i'm trying to condense this knowledge and insight into layperson terms.  In the early 2000's there were plenty of MP3 players on the market being sold as '2 Gigabites of Data' - The product never really took off until Steve jobs released the Ipod and spoke in simple terms '500 songs in your pocket.'  My aim is to do the same to Quantum Health: Help people understand why it's important, how it can be simple, and the benefits it will give them for free from now for the rest of their lives, without supplements, Devices or fear of the dreaded 'C' word”


In this episode, you’ll learn:

The EZ Route System that Ricky Sharpe has compiled for Optimal Health & Wellness

The EZ Route #1 Oxygen
#1a How to really breath beyond your Lungs: Cellular Respiration
The EZ Route #2 Water
#2a H2O and beyond
The EZ Route #3 Light
#3a what is full spectrum light: Rainbows and Pots of Gold
#3b does your sun give you vitamin D
#3c heat adaption and internal light
#3d Becoming a Human solar panel - Attracting the Light you need
#3e Invisible light - Infrared, UV and Many Many more
#3f GDV Cameras: Proof of your inner light
The EZ Route #4 Body Electric
#4a Grounding
The EZ Route #5 Artificial Light
#5a The Endless Summer: blue light and body clocks
#5(b) blue light and your irresistible appetite
​The EZ Route #6 Tell your Body to Burn Fat: The 3 signals and Fat burning season. 
#6(a) the 3 signals
#6(b) Keto (Fat) Adaptation and mobility (How to burn Fat using Science)
#6(c) Food: Acid and Alkaline, Protons and Electrons
#6(d) 80:20 coffee: the beginning of insulin sensitivity
#6(e) intermittent fasting mastering insulin sensitivity
​The EZ Route #7 Sleep
#7a The Sleep hormone: Melatonin
#7b Babies, Sleep and Blue light
​The EZ Route #8 EMF, Radiation and Magnetism
#8a High frequency
#8b Low Frequency
#8c How i made my house more Quantum - The Future for Building Regulations

Key Takeaways:

  • We alone are in charge of our health. A simple set of basic steps daily that are pro-circadian aligned and focused on Quantum health can have a massive effect on your health.


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