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Nov 16, 2017

Health, Wellness & Longevity via circadian based lifestyle choices - Part 2

Dr. Josh Lamaro is an osteopath, a therapist who treats patients in a non-invasive manner with a focus on a holistic approach to body health by means of strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. He’s worked in Bendigo for over 9 years. He promotes the idea of treating the whole body as a unit and considers the lifestyles and various stressors of the individual before recommending a procedure.

In today’s episode, Josh tells us what Osteopathy is, the importance of knowing stressors, the “trap” of overtraining, and why smartphones might be the underlying cause of chronic ailments.


“Put someone in a black box, there’s no light, there's no movement, but there's perfect food, will they be healthy? I would wager probably not.” Dr. Josh Lamaro



In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Josh’s own definition of Osteopathy and why it’s an overlooked form of treatment.
  • Why doctors like Josh treat patients on the basis of their lifestyles more than the symptoms they display.
  • The dangers of treating the body on a divide and conquer basis.
  • How even a perfect diet isn’t healthy if everything else such as exposure to sunlight, proper sleep, and physical movement is lacking.
  • Why stress is a recurring theme in osteopathy
  • Overtraining is a common stressor in today’s fitness enthusiasts. People break when they workout rigorously five days a week.
  • Treating involves asking the person what they usually do that might cause them their injury or disease in the first place.
  • People get into the trap of overtraining by thinking getting a rest day is “bad” for them.
  • Excessive training results to more cortisol and contributes to more body fat.
  • Society is geared towards seeing everything as needing to be additive and not subtractive. Not getting results? Add more.
  • Why your favorite smartphone might actually be messing up your body’s natural processes by simply looking at it first thing in the morning or by just keeping it in your front pocket every day.
  • EM radiation is a health concern in today’s gadget-driven society.


Key Takeaways:

  • Treatment should be approached from a subtracting point of view. Take away things that maxes your system out and the additive can what restores you such as more rest.
  • If you mess up the timing in your body, you’re going to gain weight, not going to sleep right, and be generally unhealthy.

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