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Jan 17, 2018

Georgi Dinkov Part 2 

Georgi Dinkov is definitely an expert in biohacking and it’s amazing how he knows all this despite having a degree in IT instead of a degree related to medicine and biochemistry. Talking to him is like asking more than a few experts at once and he’ll make sure to quench your thirst for biochemical information. 

In part 2 of our series, Georgi will discuss the effects of lactic acid build up on our mitochondria, recommend us a few supplements to take for mitochondrial health, and give biohack advice with regards to getting the most out of your supplements. 


Let your food be your drug and your drug be your food.” Georgi Dinkov 



In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Lower lactic acid levels allow your body’s cellular respiration to perform much better. 
  • No matter how healthy you are, there's always a section of your cells in your body that's not respiring properly, not getting nutrition, and not producing ATP. Supplementing with something like methylene blue covers for those secluded areas. 
  • Over exertion causes cortisol rises. Weight lifting is only beneficial for you if after the exercise the levels of testosterone is higher than cortisol. 
  • Cortisol prevents testosterone synthesis by suppressing the gonads, the testicles. If you don’t stop, the body eventually adapts and stop producing testosterone. 
  • Backup source of testosterone = DHEA. 
  • Aging and chronic stresses atrophies the layer that produces DHEA and you're left with nothing. 
  • If you see cortisol and estrogen rising, and your testosterone and cholesterol aren't going up too, you're probably not in a good state. 
  • You want to be away from a catabolic state but don't go overboard with anabolism since it promotes cancer. 
  • The goal of supplementation is to get a chemical in your circulation. When it comes to oral supplements, nothing gets to your blood stream without going through your liver first. Liver decides if it keeps it for itself, get it excreted, or let it pass the bloodstream. 
  • Topical supplements allow your tissues to get the most out of your supplements since the supplement doesn’t pass through the liver first. 
  • If you don't get enough protein both your muscle mass and brain function won't be optimal. 
  • FDA no longer considers dietary cholesterol nor dietary saturated fat to be dangerous for your health.  
  • The body needs a bit of carbs for glucose. Long term ketone use is good for epilepsy but people who don’t cycle between ketosis suffers from cognitive decline. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Raise your levels of cholesterol. It's not good to have low levels of cholesterol. People with low cholesterol have high chances of getting and dying from cancer. Low cholesterol by itself is actually not a good sign. 
  • You will not grow muscle if you're cholesterol levels are low since you won't have testosterone. 


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