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Jun 11, 2018

Tommy Wood is the chief medical officer of Nourish Balance Thrive, a company that developed a science-based, personalized support program to help clients regain their optimal performance through various lifestyle changes. Before he found the path to fitness and wellness, Tommy’s idea of a health routine involved lots of TV time and a pack of cookies. He escaped that life when he went to college to get a degree in biochemistry, worked as a traditional doctor of medicine, and obtained a PhD in physiology and neuroscience. He has since worked with many clients and helped them get their lives back. Today, Tommy shares his thoughts on the importance of sleep, what he thinks real food should be made of, and why getting a six-pack now might not be great for long-term. "It's very difficult to do circadian rhythm and sleep by brute force.” Dr. Tommy Wood In this episode, you’ll learn: If a client hits a plateau, it's usually the environment than exercise and diet. Circadian rhythm is important for long term wellness. It's not just about avoiding blue light, but also getting a lot of sunlight during the day. It's important to have a tailored fit into your wellness routine. Eating seasonally is eating the way the body is designed to eat. Where you are and what grows locally there tell you what you should be eating. Be your own health advocate and watch out for biased articles or studies. Even Olive oil products can be adulterated and become unhealthy for consumption. Do your research and make sure it's all made of olive oil. If you are trying to get a certain performance in a certain sport, then some form of excess training is fine, but what you may be training might not be good for you in the long term. Tommy shares what The Upside Down Movement Pyramid is all about. Strength and muscle mass are some of the best predictors of longevity. When it comes to following advice from someone in social media, be careful. What someone projects and what's going on under the hood is not the same thing. Looking online for answers or being part of a community is okay, but don't forget to have personal connections outside the internet. The earlier you build these relationships, the better. Key Takeaways: You’re better off being strong and healthy for 70-80 years rather than have a six-pack now and go down from there. Anything that doesn't come in a package or cook from a single ingredient is real food. If it comes in a box, don't buy it. When you spend so much time on social media, you won't get deep connection or purpose you need for long term health. Find some human interaction. Connect with Dr. Tommy Wood: Nourish Balance Thrive official Nourish Balance Thrive podcast Facebook Twitter Resources Mentioned: The Great Upside-Down Movement Pyramid blog Doug McGuff Neuro-Mass book by Jon Bruney Rate, Review, Connect, Inspire Stay updated on new episodes, guest interviews, and health, wellness, and fitness information and resources by subscribing to the HealthCastNow Podcast Show oniTunes. Every day we bring you actionable insight, demystified truth, and simple steps to help you navigate the complex, often confusing health, wellness, and fitness information and answer the questions you’ve been asking. Visit HealthCastNow.Com or subscribe on iTunes today!